Portuguese Education Department

Portuguese Education Department is responsible for the teaching of Portuguese in the United Kingdom. It acts on behalf of the Portuguese Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education and is based at the Consulate General of Portugal in London.

The organization of Portuguese courses for young people of Portuguese descent is this Department’s main activity. These courses involve the teaching and assessment of competences in Portuguese.

The Portuguese Language Schools Programme (PLSP) has been developed over the past few years and consists of the organization of Portuguese courses at pupils’ schools; the PLSP helps build cooperative relationships with schools, facilitating the teaching process and the integration of pupils, parents and Portuguese teachers into the school community.

The services provided by the Portuguese Education Department complement the teaching practices in English schools and contribute to the easier learning of the English language by pupils of Portuguese descent, since the best way to learn a second language is to begin by being fluent in your mother tongue.

Portuguese teachers prepare pupils for the British national Portuguese exams (GCSE, AS and A2), contributing to the schools’ performance in the national league tables.

The Education Department promotes and supports:

  • Portuguese L2 and MFL teaching and assessment in after school courses or within the national curriculum( in primary and secondary schools), as well as by means of distance learning;
  • Preparation for Portuguese GCSE, AS and A2 examinations;
  • Training and collaboration in teachers training.
  • The compiling of Portuguese language materials and establishment of resource centres;
  • Adult courses (Portuguese and English);
  • The integration of students into English schools and the national curriculum, as well as school and family liaison.
  • It also acts as Exam centre on behalf of the Ministry of Education and of the University of Lisbon ( Portuguese MFL Evaluation Centre) and of the Open University.

The Department may collaborate with schools and local authorities in the following areas:

  • Assistance to Portuguese speaking families, by helping to strengthen the relationship between schools and parents;
  • Helping to set up Resource Centres for Portuguese: games, videos, CDs, books and learning materials for pupils and parents;
  • eTwinning with one or more schools in Portugal. Contacts with local authorities will also consider the establishment of town twinning.
  • It is also possible to organize Portuguese L2 courses, once they have been agreed to by the Portuguese Ministry of Education and to set up a partnership / link between the school and the Ministry or its representative in the UK.


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